Grip Coach


  • Preformed golf training grip fits onto any golf club in just seconds.
  • Makes it easy for a beginning golfer to correctly grip the golf club right the first time.
  • Guides your hands into exact placement in seconds.

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The Grip Coach is the only golf training grip that goes over the golfer’s existing grip on their own clubs without any hassles, then removed instantly and placed on any other club they want to use.

Why limit your golfer to practicing with one “practice club” by using one of those permanently attached golf teaching grips, when you can be using our Grip Coach that can be moved from one club to another instantly!

The Grip Coach molded golf training grip was designed to help a golfer shorten the learning curve between learning the grip, being comfortable with the grip and maintaining a good grip. What we found out was that more than just the beginning golfer benefited from such a tool. Almost any golfer, no matter what the ability, who was having trouble with their grip would benefit from the Grip Coach.