Here is a peek at Cobra’s new driver for 2021.

With a name inspired by its key, innovative technology, Radial Weighting, the entire line is aimed at maximizing performance for the full spectrum of players through optimized weighting and an array of advanced technologies. It’s Cobra’s most advanced product line to date, providing distance, forgiveness and extreme ball speed.

There will be three models available.

RAD Speed- features a compact shape (460cc) and forward -biased RADIAL WEIGHTING with front to back adjustability to deliver the fastest ball speeds, lowest spin, and the most workability of the three models.

RAD Speed XB (Extreme Back)- features an oversized shape (460cc) and back-biased RADIAL WEIGHTING to deliver the longest and most forgiving ball flight with low spin.

RAD Speed XD- features an oversized shape (460cc) and heel biased internal RADIAL WEIGHTING to deliver the fastest and straightest ball flight with maximum slice-fighting capability.

They will be available for sale in early February, 2021.